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Imagine your past, present, and future uniting to create an extraordinary, synergetic juncture that culminates in self-discovery. Picture your heart’s passion, your soul’s desire, your mind’s dreams being realized.  


STATUS can do that and more for you.


STATUS looks into your heart, procures your vision, and executes your plan.


Nothing can stand in the way of turning your dreams into a reality. STATUS makes your experience pleasurable while constructing a canvas on which to draw your life’s work. 


With STATUS researching your history, learning your true aspirations and purpose, and pairing you to natural elements and forms, you will become a living status symbol, a mark on the world never to be forgotten.

About the Founder

A boy once dropped out of university with no plan, no safety net – only a dream and determination to find his way out. He began his lawless nature as an unlicensed professional, breaking all the rules of the trade and avoiding the law. 


One rainy day in Washington, D.C., an unnamed, tall-statured man walked into the boy’s workplace and requested his services, and before the boy could decline, the man took a seat and began conversing. He took a liking to the boy’s rebellious nature and ambition but knew the boy’s energy needed to be harnessed and controlled to meet the demands of business. The man invited the boy to receive instruction, which eventually turned into a mentorship that unlocked the door to the boy’s dream of becoming a marketer.

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