STEP 01: Make Your Vision, Create Your Fantasy

Objective : Write a Manifesto on Your Desired Industry Why A manifesto is a public declaration or claim on an issue. Your manifesto is your conviction for st...



A manifesto is a public declaration or claim on an issue.


Your manifesto is your conviction for starting your business.  


It is a document to align you and your clients, express your truth, and explain your value system.


Your manifesto is your vision; it is your unadulterated fantasy. 


It gives your clientele a peek into a certain future and an ounce of hope for a better one. 


People follow visionaries—those who can imagine a whole new world that does not exist today and create it. 


Make a public declaration against the wrong doings in your industry that you've always remained silent on and offer a better approach to these issues. 


Detail your claims against why some of your industry’s practices are poor and which principles will be implemented in your process. 




Mormonism - Joseph Smith


Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, had multiple dreams where he GOD and Jesus appeared to him. 


A few years later, it was said that an angel in his dreams directed him to ancient Judeo-Christian text from an older American civilization. He believed he was called to translate this text to English. He published his translation as the Book of Mormon at the age of 24.


He had a different vision for the traditional church. Smith saw a need to reimagine conventional beliefs and follow his dream, literally! 


His compulsion was his Manifesto. 


He founded Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which has garnered a mass following to this day. 




  • What do you dislike about your industry?

  • What are some practices or terminology you do not associate with?

  • What is the industry’s future if it keeps heading in this direction?

  • What is your proposed solution?

  • How will you help?

  • What is your dream or your grand vision for the ideal situation?


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