STEP 02: Create A Proprietary Methodology

Objective: Create Your Actionable Brand Methodology Why A methodology is a system used to a focal point in an area of study. It is the underpinning to your m...



A methodology is a system used to a focal point in an area of study. It is the underpinning to your methods. 


Your branded methodology is an easily remembered, all-encompassing, repeatable process to reference in times of need. 


It consists of 3 action words, no more and no less. 


It is your self-help message to those who have a hard time remembering the steps to get to the end result. It is their action guide.


These action words must remain general. You can go into detail under each step in another section but this is a simple remembrance tool. 


It is your approach for tackling your internal problems and achieving the desired result.


Name your Methodology

Every methodology needs a name.


It should immediately hint at the results. 


The name of your methodology should be premised on the narrow result you are certain it can give you. 





Methodology Steps Examples

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Stop. Think. Connect.™ - by Homeland Security

Past, Future, Present - by STATUS International

Stop, Drop, and Roll - by National Fire Protection Agency

Strategize, Execute, Educate

Define, Redefine, Reposition



Naming Examples

Client Relationship Management 

Enterprise Resource Management

Smart Comfort Mattress

Natural Language Processor

Data Analytics Platform

Digital Asset Management

Social Media Advertising





Generalize three words that have helped you get to the next step.


What is the end result? What do you want to create in other people?


Input words under each header

Client - Who in your business process does this help?

Problem - What is the pain point? What is needs to be tended to?

Solution  - What element can solve the problem? What task do others need help performing?


Business Application



Marketing Messaging

Naming of Products



Stay Connected




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