STEP 03 : Uncover Secret Selling Angles

Objective: Discover Opportunities with User Personas Why User personas are fictional representations of your ideal clients. These are hypotheses/assumptions ...



User personas are fictional representations of your ideal clients. These are hypotheses/assumptions about your clients’ lifestyle choices and daily habits.


Your product works best when it fits within your clients’ lifestyle. 


With this knowledge you know what motivates them, what makes them happy, what they question, and better yet, you can predict what they might need. 


Follow them. Immerse yourself. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what life could be if they had you around. 


You should try to understand them and be able to complete their sentences in meetings. Be people-oriented and know that we should always be looking for ways to help.


The greatest opportunities in business lie in your ability to make your product more accessible and convenient. 


Make a large amount of hypotheses/assumptions upfront so you can prove them right or wrong through your marketing.



Write out who you would rather have in your community as a long-term customer and you can begin creating around this ideal persona. 


Remember: not everyone belongs in your community.





Lululemon has had spontaneous growth in recent years.


Lululemon targeted sophisticated, educated women, who have a taste for luxury in their athletic clothing. These women range from ages 18-35, have high incomes, and a strong desire to look the part.  


Wearing the clothes became somewhat of a social signal, giving customers a certain STATUS amongst their peers.


Lululemon established the upscale brand through a brand ambassadors/influencers program which created die hard enthusiasts and trust amongst potential buyers. 


The company saw an opportunity to use their target’s sources of trust to infiltrate the market undetected. 




A tool we like to use is Facebook Insights which is really good for finding people to market to. Here is the link →


Fill out the User Persona Worksheet and flush it out. 



Practice putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine the in’s and out’s of the person—even down to how people perceive this person compared to how they perceive themselves. 


User Persona Worksheet Exercise:


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