STEP 04 : Make Your Products Premium With Modern Innovation

Objective: Create Innovative Products Why What makes a good product? Innovative products are convenient, usable, and distinct. Here, we're going to detail a ...



What makes a good product?


Innovative products are convenient, usable, and distinct.


Here, we're going to detail a process to create innovative products. 


Focus: Find the Root Problem


Find the root of people’s problems and be a source of hope.


Find problems that people have but don’t realize are affecting their daily lives. The more they encounter this problem, the better. 


Your product should be solving a recurring task in peoples’ lives. The goal is to create an organic integration into your client’s lifestyle without having to change their routines. 


Use the User Personas Exercise to hypothesize their lifestyle. 


Start with writing down your own daily routine, habits, and motivations and consider recurring problems in your life first and then hypothesize about others’.



How to Solve Problems:


Pinpoint the problem and look outside your industry for pre-existing models of success that could be used for solutions.


There is nothing new under the sun, the blueprint already exists.


Widen your gaze and create innovative solutions by applying new models to an old industry. 



Focus: The Residual Effect


Add a small recognizable feature to your products for social signaling. 


A social signal is a branded, identifiable feature that people other than your customers can see. 


It creates a residual marketing effect.


It is an element that adds curiosity and makes potential buyers ask questions. 




Starbucks is the only coffee shop with a green straw.


The Beats headphones have a special shape and a large logo at the ear. 


Louis Vuitton has the special “LV” mark on their products to signal to others that you’ve purchased an “LV” leather bag. 


The Toyota Prius uses a distinct bug-like shape to signify it is an economy car unlike other hybrids. 


Focus: Productivity is the Metric


Productivity leads to more time and enjoyment. 


Your product should enable clients to get more work done in a shorter period of time and get them back to things they enjoy.


Many people want to write a book, climb a mountain, and start a family all in the same year. This requires a high level of productivity and using tools to perform this work in a short amount of time.


Simply put, innovative products make people more productive. 


Advanced Modules Coming: Make Your Client Experience Pleasurable

  • Gamifying the experience 

  • Adding Therapeutic elements to reduce their stress as they work with you. 

  • Creativity and Craftsmanship




FedEx - created overnight shipping by applying train dispatch models and systems to their mailing service. Now, overnight shipping is an essential part of our daily lives. 


Louboutin - The famous red bottom on the Louboutin shoes signals the high fashion brand to others.




How do you speed up a recurring process in your industry?

What do you believe that no one else truly believes but you can prove?

Do you have an idea that could make something boring, better?

What old, nostalgic item(s) can you breathe new life into?

Are there terms in your industry that need rebranding/redefining?


The Integrated Marketing Technique: Identify the influencers for your buyers.

How do they naturally use products in your industry?

Where is your product available?

How does it fit in with their current lifestyles?


What one product feature can I add to so clients wear the logo openly?


How can I create a therapeutic or cinematic experience for my client?


Business Application


Process Speed

Brand Identity

Repurposing Old Ideas

Creative Problem-Solving



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