STEP 07: Start A New Relationship-based In Trust

Objective: Create Your Entry Level Product Why Your low-tier product is something to get people to trust you and simply understand what your brand stands for...



Your low-tier product is something to get people to trust you and simply understand what your brand stands for at a glance. 


Think of it as your only chance and opportunity to get your next enthusiast who wants to like you but just needs a reason why. 


Your entry level product should be well-designed and tease the value of your recurring product. 


Many people in your industry will do the same exact thing, however, be sure to go back to your HALO © product and produce a scaled down, simplified version of it. 


Profit is not the #1 priority here. The objective is to present some small options to try out in order to gain a newcomers’ trust.


It is your initial investment in a long-term relationship.




Pandora Charm Bracelets


Pandora’s Charm Bracelets are a big seller for the brand and a great entry point into more expensive jewelry lines. 


The charms are reasonably priced, high quality, and allow you to stay in the entry level product line without feeling excluded from the rest of the brand. 


Their entry product holds more value than the monetary cost -- it has sentimental and emotional value. 


The bracelet itself is a platform for new customers to buy and continually add more.


It is their most important product because it provides consistent revenue and creates loyal customers. 





Here are some ideas:

Free Trial

Free Example

Free Report

Low-Cost Planner

Free Product With Paid Shipping

Discounted Consultation

One Time Only Bundle/Packaged Deal


Price: What could the average working person afford to spend at one-time?


Features: What few, very important features can you include?


What features will you tease to entice them to upgrade?


Business Application


Product Layering

Identity Marketing





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