STEP 11: Problem Predictions

Objective: Empower with Frequently Asked Questions Why Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are the most commonly asked questions companies find themselves answ...



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are the most commonly asked questions companies find themselves answering repeatedly. 


FAQ’s anticipate the unknowns and empower individuals with the answers before they’re asked.


Equip clients and employees with information because as sacred teaching goes, “people perish for lack of knowledge”. 


Your clients and employees will appreciate not having to contact you at every second with their questions. FAQs enable action without your physical presence. 


Start with burning questions first. What is everyone dying to know about your business or products? Search your phone and email messages and look for repeatedly asked questions. 


Make the questions and answers easier to discover with categories. You can categorize them by departments or functions of your business such as: Payments, Marketing, How-to’s, etc. 


A FAQs link should be placed in your email signature, header, footer, and website menu to make it easily accessible by all.




Airbnb Self-Help Desk


The interface is organized to lead the user to the information that applies to them. For example, the first question they ask is whether you are a homeowner or traveler. 


This information structure empowers both sides to diagnose emergencies and unexpected situations as efficiently as possible. 


The help buttons are always accessible and visible through the in-app or web experience—users never feel helpless.




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