STEP 12: Sell To Few, Market To Many

Objective: Target the Communities of Your Users Why Proximity is your friend. Your product is more likely to get around if you have just a few people in clos...



Proximity is your friend.


Your product is more likely to get around if you have just a few people in close proximity to each other talking about it. 


Focus your attention on a place where people gather and require innovation to succeed.


Target communities of people.


You could target communities such as business networking associations, online communities, churches, or schools. 


Next, you must become a necessary resource for them. 


Ensure your messaging resonates with their needs, motivations, interests, and pains.


It is a sure fire method of generating referrals and warm leads.





Leverage - Virtual Assistant Service


Leverage is a high-end virtual assistant firm that focuses on quality, consistent virtual work. 


They performed a very easy, painless marketing presentation for a mastermind group in the business of expansion. 


The membership fee is $25,000 per year and the owners of Leverage knew the clientele within the mastermind group had a need for the product and could afford it.


After their presentation, they signed up 100 new customers. 


Leverage met the clientele where they congregate, amongst their peers and offered a solution they could all use. The business grew rapidly in this tight knit community.




Local Communities of People to Target:

Online Communities who could use your expertise: 

Close friends who could help me market: 


What do people in this community need that I can offer?


The Purchaser's Role: Director of IT

The End Product User's Role: Field Technicians

The Industry’s Influencer(s): New Customers


Business Application


Sales Presentation


Online Promotion

Individualized Blitz Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy



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