STEP 13: Induct New Members In Your Brand

Objective: Create Welcome Guides Why Welcome guides are the official introduction documentation for all newcomers including clients, employees, and visitors....



Welcome guides are the official introduction documentation for all newcomers including clients, employees, and visitors.


A newcomer is ignorant. They need guidance. 


They need to understand the inner workings of your company, what is expected of them, and what to expect from you. 


Set the tone for your relationship here. Do not intimidate any newcomers, but hold their hand in showing them around. 


Make them aware of the traditions, other members, and upcoming meetings/company events, and other general internal information. 


Your guide is a starting point that all parties can easily reference in times of need. 


This document may or may not be long. Be sure to keep the language simple to avoid misinterpretations. Use visual aids as much as possible. Utilize the Frequently Asked Questions module to create an outline for your guides. 




DoorDash Welcome Kits


Welcome kits are a starter guide to your new journey with a company.


DoorDash’s welcome kits install users with visual aids, tools, and resources so they can get started by themselves and on their own time.


This design is timeless and full of tangible touchpoints that inspire curiosity. 


The visual aids throughout the guide make it easier to read and more engaging to the untrained eye. 


The language is easy to process, positive, and gets you excited to begin. 


And lastly, DoorDash provides a clickable link for new users to schedule their first “dash” immediately.


Your tangible touchpoints should grab and hold someone’s attention for an extended period of time and enable them to complete the process in one setting.




What would you say if you had 30 seconds to convince someone to buy into your company? Note: Reference Your Manifesto for ideas. 


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