STEP 14: Set And Execute Your Standard Operating Procedures

Objective: Create Your Business Processes Why Workflows, or your business processes, are the most important to a scalable business. Workflows allow companies...



Workflows, or your business processes, are the most important to a scalable business. 


Workflows allow companies to delegate tasks, create stability, and enforce consistency across the company.


Standardization creates muscle memory amongst your employees and clients. 


In order to delegate work, clients and employees, companies must consider the following components for example:


  • Securing Information Client Information & Tracking

  • Account Access

  • Department Structure and Internal Hierarchy

  • Usage Rights & Intellectual Property

  • Documentation Approvals


Start with the most commonly used process, templates, and systems first.


Start your step-by-step workflow processes. This portion should evolve with your business so do not worry about having it perfect or implementing all components right away. 




Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru


Chick-fil-A has grown to be America’s favorite fast food restaurant due to its friendly service, fast ordering, and quality food. 


Their speedy drive-thru service is a result of 1 key innovation within the “face to face” ordering system.


Instead of waiting for cars to pull to the order window, the customer service comes to you with tablets to take your order before heading to the window. 


During peak hours, they can service almost double as many customers due to their improved ordering system. In order to ensure accuracy, they attach a car profile to your order so they charge the right customer. 


This system is so simple and is only carried out by Chick-fil-A at the moment.




For the Framework Brief

Identify stages

Identify tasks per stage

Identify templates to speed up the process

Decide a host for your products

Identify the roles/contractors/skillsets needed





Assigned to 


Submit to

Days to Complete


Order 1

Category Sales (Cold)

Task Contact Candidate

Assigned to Analyst

Report Candidate Applications 

Submit to Database

Days to Complete 3

Tool STATUS Tech


Business Application


Business Process

Employee Handbook

Client/Employee Presentations






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