STEP 15: Create A Positive Business Environment

Objective: Direct with Incentives/Change Human Behavior Why You can direct preferred human behavior using rewards and consequences. Establish a reward system...



You can direct preferred human behavior using rewards and consequences. 


Establish a reward system that incentivizes desired actions in order to produce the desired result. 


Inversely, establish consequences and a warning system to deter unwanted actions and unwanted results.


Create promotions and tiers for advancement. Your clients and employees will be intrigued and motivated by the chance to get promoted and receive additional rewards. 


For example, financial apps pay customers to refer new customers in order to grow their business. In reference to employees, many companies use bonus payouts to reward high quality work and performance from employees.


As for consequences, you could penalize those who leave your company or contract too early, consistently have low productivity, or fail to pay on time. 


Think about some desirable rewards for good clients and employees. For example, providing discounts for full payments or invites to after hour company events. And consequences such as fines, demotions, and penalties.






Facebook is a rather large tech company with an international presence and they need all of the help they can get. 


Facebook wants full-time employees. Therefore, they offer more rewards and perks to full-time employees. 


The full-time perks include free meals, ample vacation days, and paid leave for new parents.


Through incentivizing full-time positions, they make it very likely that potential employees choose to go for full-time positions rather than part-time. 


Not only do the incentives make candidates want to join Facebook as a full-time employee, but they also make them want to stay with the company for an extended career. 




Customer: Action You Want Customer to Take → Incentive for Taking Action

Employee: Action You Want Employees to Take → Incentive for Taking Action


Customer: Action You Do Not Want Customer to Take → Consequence for Performing the Action

Employee: Action You Do Not Want Employees to Take → Consequence for Performing the Action


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