STEP 18: Commence Your New Sale

Objective: Develop a Sales Presentation Why This is where it all comes together. Identity Marketing is the power to determine your own worth. Once you have d...



This is where it all comes together. 


Identity Marketing is the power to determine your own worth. 


Once you have determined your worth and the path you want to take, the sales presentation is the initiation ceremony. 


Sales presentations show how much you have internally invested in your vision. 


The presentation is an opportunity to introduce your company, share your unique story, your vision, and display your craftsmanship. 


It is a conversation around the manifesto. It is an inside look into the fantasy world you’ve built throughout your identity discovery phase.


Take this time to detail the creative process behind your products and display the craftsmanship involved in creating them. Your efforts here will determine the price you deserve. 


Your attendees want to feel the passion in your vision. Your unique story must move your viewers and stimulate their senses. 


Create moments of surprise, suspense, humor, and deep emotion in your presentation. 


Refer back to your Manifesto, FAQ, and Guidebooks for content. 




Luxury Real Estate


Selling high-end real estate properties is no easy task. 


Any hiccup could be mean an unsold property or a prolonged buying process. 


In turn, luxury real estate companies such as, The Agency, spend lots of time and money on perfecting the presentations of their listed properties.. 


Presenting the homes to clients is where this effort all comes together. 


They create beautiful staging to spark a strong desire for luxury within potential buyers.


The presentation is staged to attract the perfect client. 





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