STEP 19: Deepen Relationships In Turmoil

Objective: Anticipate Problems with Support Requests Why Your procedures outline what to do in the event of an emergency or unexpected issue. These rules are...



Your procedures outline what to do in the event of an emergency or unexpected issue.


These rules are a procedural guide for your customer service team to abide by.


The idea is to establish a consistent and seamless customer service process. 


If something goes wrong you need to be able to handle it with care and speed. 


Acknowledge and anticipate your product flaws and create a Plan A, B, C, and etc. to be able to detect issues and render a solution to the problem. 


Find ways to personalize this process and make it as painless as possible. 


Identify a point of contact to handle each problem and categorize your team by expertise such as Payments (Finance), IT, and Human Resources. 


Cater to the client and use the opportunity to educate them about other products, upcoming updates, and reinforce the foundation of trust you have with them.


Maintenance is another customer touchpoint that allows you to continue the marketing of your company.




Ritz Carlton


Ritz Carlton is the world leader in customer service. 


The company has been using age-old techniques such as greeting guest’s by their first names and sending them off with kind words. 


They also value gift giving and leaving surprises on your bed pillow to take home after your stay.


The Ritz created a custom CRM system to note guest preferences after every conversation that follows them to every Ritz Carlton location.


The experience is designed to deliver a hyper personalized experience and make guests feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay.


It is typical for the hospitality industry to anticipate guest’s problems such as forgetting hygienic essentials and toiletries, however, the Ritz Carlton goes above and beyond and dedicates a hefty nightly budget per guest to ensure any unanticipated problems can be resolved. 


Even when things go wrong, staff members feel compelled and very happy to help. They simply know their customers’ desires and engage them where they are.





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