STEP 23: Close Your Feedback Loop To Deepen Relationships

Objective: Collect Testimonials and Referrals Why Testimonials are stories of your clients’ experiences working with your company. You need to use this oppor...



Testimonials are stories of your clients’ experiences working with your company.


You need to use this opportunity to understand what is working and what is not.


It creates an honest brand that invests in people and reinvests in the brand. 


This also gives you a place and opportunity to ask for a referral and incentivize your most engaged clients. It creates a bond between customer and provider. 


If someone is willing to leave a positive review for the world to see, you can be sure they will share it with their immediate network as well. 


The bulk of the questionnaire should consist of specific, close-ended questions. You should have open ended questions within the questionnaire as well but you need to use the right questions to guide the responses. 


Remember: Clients will always have an opinion of your company, good or bad, which will respectively increase or decrease your brand’s worth. Be prepared for both. 





Apple and Android Mobile Apps


Apple and Android mobile apps use ratings and reviews to showcase their utility.


Ratings and reviews affect the brand equity and impacts the visibility in the App Store marketplace. 


These reviews also allow app developers to gauge public sentiment and address any recurring issues in real time. 


How To


What are you measuring?

What is the point of success?

How did you track their progress? Can you prove it?


Transcript Questions:

What is your name/age/gender/job title?

What would you say about your experience?

Did our staff answer your questions?

Did you find our staff helpful and courteous?

Which features do you wish we had?

What challenge or problem does our business solve for you?

How long did you use our product or service before seeing results?

What prompted you to find a solution?

Which do you prefer; quick and convenient or detailed and customized?

What made you want to try us?

How often do you use our product/service?

What were you using before you found us?

What did you like about the previous product/service(s)?

What does our business do better?

How did you find us?


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Online Marketing

Referral Marketing

Community Building



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