Request: Design an Event Website to Generate Leads with a Voting/Polling Function

Client: Buoyant Partners Xfinity

Category: Web Design, Creative Direction

Platforms: Wix, Figma

Results: 2000+ leads from ad creatives, Xfinity Video on Demand presence, 80% engaged audience, Celebrity Participation

Timeframe: 14 days each iteration

Project Components

Corporate Logo

Due to copyright and trademark barriers, the logo had to fit the design scheme of existing branded events and feature the original Xfinity logo in as the main sponsor for the showcase. We were required to use the Xfinity Brown font (used for all advertising applications). 

Landing Pages

We designed a series of event landing pages that featured standard event information including Choir Voting, Branded Quiz, and the Introduction to the Celebrities. The landing page had strong call to actions and bigger, bolder, branded designs that visually drove visitors to action.

Voting Lead Generation

We were created the designs for the client’s ad campaign called “The People’s Choice” which drove church members to vote for their favorite choirs. The five figure advertising budget drew in crowds of a few thousand to vote on the poll we created using “iPoll” to poll the users and generate leads and contact information. 

Event Signage

The designs culminated into event signage deployed to print. The signs, banners, tags, and other collateral  were blown up and placed throughout the new performance arena to guide and inform visitors.


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