How I Made a Fortune with $50 - at 13 Years Old

This article is not a step-by-step guide for how to obtain the same result, because everyone's situation is different.

This is a means to say live by your ultimate desires and passions, to solve people’s problems and scale your solution.

I wanted independence, a job, and to help people buy the right technology.

People connected with the movement and began making sales for us. We sought to remain profitable and $10,000 revenue came in no time.

I was 13, too young to be employed, no savings and I wanted to be independent before my time.

Driven by my teenage dream of independence, I volunteered at my church on Sundays as a trumpet player hoping that I would be paid for my talents.

I made sure I hit every note, came to rehearsals and smiled at the church’s accountant so that

I could see my first paycheck at the end of the year (before I was told that even churches couldn't employ 13-year-olds).

However, I eventually got compensated for my time with a $50 Visa gift card that could be spent wherever cards were accepted.

Finally, the world was mine!

What could I have possibly done with $50 that could have turned it into $10,000 in revenue you might ask?

Well, I followed my intuition and burning desire and went online to buy a Palm Pilot PDA/computer system (what a nerd, I know).

They were the original smartphones of time and I wanted one from the moment I first laid eyes on one in the fifth grade.

The first day it came in the mail, I took the PDA to school to show it off to all the kids.

All-day I heard, “What is that? How much does it cost? Where can I get one?”.

These inquirers became my future customers. Their questions help me realized that teenagers wanted technology, but:

1) Didn't know enough about it, they just followed trends

2) Did not have credit cards so they could only pay in cash

3) Did not have licenses so they could only go shopping on weekends

4) I wanted to look cool with the latest and greatest.

I saw the demand for cool technology that can be bought with cash and expertise and fueled it with my own personal desire for independence.

With my heart’s desire in mind, I did not think twice about holding on to my PDA system.

I went back online, took a picture and sold it for profit.

I combined my desire for independence, my passion for technology and market demand to empower teenagers who wanted to make independent decisions with their money to buy the coolest stuff out there.

I multiplied my first business deal several times

I bought from the Internet, showed consumer demand to prospects and sold products for profit.

I bought products for cheap online and sold them at a profit for cash to students who couldn’t get the products on their own.

I went from selling PDA’s to headphones to iPhone cases to phones and tablets and positioned myself as the school’s hustler.

With the help of my younger brother and two cousins, we were selling technology for cash in four high schools in Baltimore City.

By the time we graduated high school, our financial statements showed almost $10,000 in revenue since we started tracking our income sometime in high school.

We solved one problem for one person and then began solving it for many and you can do it too.

Timothy J Robertson is the creator of STATUS International, an artificial intelligent Creative Concierge platform, to automate hiring and managing the world’s best artists. Timothy has been on a mission to integrate machine learning technology into the creative process to offer artists short term projects and clients' creative control over the vision. Take a Test Drive at -- or -- you can get in contact at


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