Living a Life of Status: How to Lead Your Creative Team

At some point on your creative journey, you will have to manage a team of creatives.

It probably doesn’t sound as appealing from your viewpoint

However, it can be an inspiring experience if you manage your team effectively.

After reading this article, you would have begun your journey from being a powerless wanderer to becoming a powerful creator, on the verge of becoming a world leader in your field.

As creators, you are tasked with the responsibility of being artistes and the world is your canvas.

Without creators, we are bland, mundane beings with only the ability to see stories in black and white

It is up to you and your team as creators to tell stories

Paint pictures with your work that will shake up the world’s perspective.

Sounds like a heavy cross to bear, doesn’t it?

This is why you have a team.

The first step in leading your team is to understand your team

Getting to understand what your team does and the effort they put into their work.

Everyone hates being misunderstood and unappreciated.

It creates an environment of ingratitude.

Understand the work that it takes to create and the effort they put into their work

This way if something is behind schedule you know the underlying issue as to why

It also encourages the desire to develop a strong work ethic.

This way you won’t seem too controlling and overbearing.

The second step is to ensure good communication among your team.

Communication is extremely important, this can make or break your team.

It is a must, especially in this age when you can hit send and someone gets a message in a split second

There are so many devices and applications that can be used to communicate

There is no excuse not to

This is pretty straight forward and is crucial to the success of a team.

In order to be efficient as a team, you most definitely have to communicate.

You can also schedule regular meetings to discuss projects.

Check up on their progress and find out if they are having trouble finishing a project and why.

Sure, your team should be able to communicate with you.

But a great leader will most definitely be able to interact with their team.

It fosters a sense of trust that they will be able to come to you if anything goes south.

The third step you should most definitely follow is to find different people with different perspectives to work with


Creativity isn’t a one-way stream, the world is dynamic and made up of different people with different perspectives

In order to capture that dynamic, having different creators on your team with different perspectives is a definite plus.

When artists paint their work they use different colors and shades to produce art/

Your team is no different.

Having a team with the same perspective won’t capture the plethora of cultures around the world.

This is a new age, people are attracted to brands they can relate to.

The final step you must take is to create a space that facilitates the spark of creativity.

Encapture an atmosphere of creativity, inspire your team.

Allow people to share their ideas and creations freely without resolve.

Don’t put limits on your team.

A team reflects its leader, whether you believe this or not, it is facts.

Don’t be a leader who bounds their team by limiting their potential and mind power

Create environments that are soundproofed from the world so you get a chance to think clearly and more openly.

You will discover your creativity on a whole new level, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

These guided practices will guide you in discovering the leader you were destined to be

You were made to lead, you were made to be different so stand out.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”- Michael Jordan

Timothy J Robertson is the creator of STATUS International, an artificial intelligent Creative Concierge platform, to automate hiring and managing the world’s best artists. Timothy has been on a mission to integrate machine learning technology into the creative process to offer artists short term projects and clients' creative control over the vision.

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