Living a Life of Status: Why Writing Matters More than Your Mother Ever Told You

Updated: Feb 20

Writing matters because it's the making of history.

This is one of the oldest forms of storytelling, right after oral storytelling.

We can find ancient wisdom, schematics, and dreams written in all languages.

I have found that writing everything down has made me more productive and insightful

You can now self-reflect day after day and year after year to optimize your goals.

You must first set a goal or a heartfelt position you want to obtain in your life.

Language brings us closer or disconnects us to reality.

This chance to write will allow you the chance to decompress from life’s harsh realities and other’s expectations of you to silo yourself into a space small enough to hear your own thoughts.

Your writing is the documentation for others to follow and reflect on.

I honestly believe this is the best medium of information sent.

What are your thoughts on writing?

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