STEP 17: Streamline And Scale Your Business

Objective: Structure Processes and Procedures with Workflows Why The company workflow is made up of proprietary step-by-step processes and procedures and str...



The company workflow is made up of proprietary step-by-step processes and procedures and streamlining decision-making.


It is a predefined system to create, manage, and track information within your company. 


Companies need standardized processes to ensure high efficiency and quality control when you are not present. This document details the what, when, where, why, and how. 


What should we do? When should we do it? Who should approve this? Where should I send the final product? Why is this necessary?



Here are some ideas of questions that may need to be addressed:

Who is supposed to do the action?

How long do they have to complete it?

What template or model do they use?

Where should they send the final product?

Who should approve/edit the product?

Purpose/additional Info on the action?

What does this trigger next?

What tool do they use to complete the work?


To structure your workflow, start with a flowchart with triggers, actions, and intended result. 


Trigger  → Specific Action Step →  Result 


Think in terms of dependencies. 


“Before you _______, you should ______.”


Below is an example of a structured flowchart. Start with this and create your own headers. 


Order 1

Category Sales (Cold)

Task Contact Candidate

Assigned to Analyst

Report Candidate Application Form

Submit to Internal Database

Days to Complete 3

Tool STATUS Tech




Identity Marketing™ is a branding framework that puts context to otherwise, miscellaneous and varying components. The components within the framework result in a holistic branded experience.  




For the Framework Brief

Identify stages

Identify tasks per stage

Identify templates to speed up the process

Decide a host for your products

Identify the roles/contractors/skillsets needed


Business Application


Client Management

Business Processes

Employee Standards and Guidelines

Business Process

Employee Handbook

Client/Employee Presentations






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