STEP 20: Solidify Your Position In Customers’ Minds

Objective: Solidify Your Place with Communication Why Stay top of mind with your clients and do not let them forget about you. Do not allow people to ignore ...



Stay top of mind with your clients and do not let them forget about you. 


Do not allow people to ignore you until they need you. 


Staying in communication holds users attention and makes them think of new ways to work with your company. 


Even if the clients have no immediate needs, your communication periodically reaffirms your position in their minds.


Maintain consistent communication with your clients.


Become a resource or tool to a client instead of a burden.


Send consumable items that will make people laugh, smile, or take a small action toward a larger goal. 


Avoid redundant or boring information.  



  • Most people do not have time to execute or read through a ton of material so be sure to keep it simple.

  • You are talking to humans, not robots, at the end of the day. 




Social Network Notifications

Social media networks use systematic notifications to capture and hold our attention. 


From the likes to new followers notifications you receive, notifications system were created to quickly grab your attention and lead you to explore other features on the platform. 


The glowing red icons and text induce a sense of urgency. 




Choose one and create 


3-5 sentences explanation

What next step do you want your buyers to take

What else is coming up

  • Reaching out

  • Want to book a meeting

  • Interested in partnering

  • Offering promotional material


Find ways to help someone every time you speak with them. 

Prepare an interesting, industry relevant article

Ask do they need help with a project, offer consulting for free

Collect questions about your client’s interests

Offer exclusive access to a product

Offer a sneak peek

Send a revelation or a surprising experience


Business Application


Direct Marketing

Public Relations



Stay Connected




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