STEP 21: Avoid Confusion And Disappointments

Objective: Establish Seamless Onboarding for New Employees/Clients Why Onboarding is the induction process into your company, an in-depth walkthrough. Your n...



Onboarding is the induction process into your company, an in-depth walkthrough. 


Your new clients and employees need an introductory tour so they can become accustomed to the basic processes and procedures of your company.


They also need to know how your company incentivizes those who meet expectations and enforce consequences for not meeting those expectations. 


It is very similar to creating a sales presentation module. However, onboarding includes more detailed items such as contracts, systems training, and internal hierarchy. 


There are many ways to train newcomers but a good powerpoint will do.


Start with an easy-to-follow, self-paced checklist so all stakeholders can track and view their progress. 


As for instructions, use images or animated tutorials if at all possible. Words are great but visuals are always better.


Remember to start newcomers off with easy wins. Consider dedicating a mentor to guide them as they become acclimated with the systems, processes, and procedures. 




Google Onboarding Process


Google is known for many things but their on-boarding process is not one of them. However, their process is actually second to none.


The process is rather simple and retains more talent than other companies its size. 


Part of their secret is a focus on creating company culture and remaining human centric. 


Google provides peer to peer mentoring with managers in very casual settings.


Serious conversations always take place in comfortable atmospheres, which induces truth and authenticity.


They build trust trust with a sink or swim model that requires an employee’s full attention. Consequences are low and rewards are high. 


They want to create happier people that accel from passion rather than fear. 




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