Interactive Advertising Mock-ups Presentation for Executive Board

Client: Rolls Royce of Sterling

Category: UX Design

Platforms: Wix, Figma, Envato

Results: Presented to Rolls Royce of Sterling Executive board, Lead a New York software development team to prototype a 3D AR car presentation

Timeframe: 30 days

Project Components

Mobile App AR Presentation

We partnered with the New York software development company, Zyndo, to develop an Augmented Reality app that would give salesmen an opportunity to explain the product from a mobile device. The cars were the centerpieces as users clicked through the various parts to discover interactive information.

Interactive Lead Generation

Conceptualized a lead generation quiz, “Discover Your Spirit Animal” to distinguish the buyer personas of the McLaren, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and Harley-Davidson brands under the Sterling Supercar stable.

Web Presentation

We used our trademarked branding process, Identity Marketing, which uses internal discovery to find points of differentiation, to create a web experience that segment luxury buyers of the brands in an interactive way.

Ad Mockups

We designed a fresh, new ad set that showcased McLaren’s sophistication with the array of new model releases. The ads made the center of the promotion the car of course with tech overlays that spoke to the technology-focused car.


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