Living a Life of Status: Give Power to that Which You Fear and It Will Reveal Itself

For such a long time I feared the judgment of others.

Public perception as a perfectionist seems like a never-ending seesaw game of balancing wants and desires and how they are perceived to the world outside.

It is the perfect balancing act of internal and external battles in one.

For that one fear is not the fear, it is the fear of unworthiness.

The root of your fear is only revealed after the power is given to that thought.

So long as you deny your fears and the enemies within, you will be avoiding the true understanding of that thing.

Fear is the Enemy of GOD and Creation

You have to ask for repentance and forgiveness for these decisions which you’ve made out of fear.

This was a decision not made out of the grace and abundance of God.

We think we rightfully made those decisions but fear is what is holding you back.

Being non-confrontational and conformists have produced a culture of fear-ridden citizens looking to affirm their decision making through the lens of others.

The only lense we need to learn is the lense of God and Jesus Christ who was noted as the universal example of God's outlook and lense on life.

He constantly referenced Heavenly thinking and higher thinking which is the inverse of lower, fear-driven decision making.

With this knowledge, we have a capacity far beyond what we could imagine on our own which is why it rehires heavenly thinking.

The question is, how many people have been to Heaven to speak of the afterlife experience.

Those who have an out of body experience will be the first to tell you that Earthly matters do not matter and do not apply.

Fear is Earthly and ungodly.

Repent and train away from your fear. Confront it and it reveals itself

Start living in open a freely given gifts of God that exists.

These include grace, long-suffering, and joy.

Heavenly thinking is the gateway out of trouble and your sorrow.

It is the only key to the doors to the stages and seasons of life.

What fear can you confront today?

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