Living a life of Status: Spirituality is Key to Unlocking Your Ultimate Potential

My dad called me about a month and a half ago and told me that he'd been worrying for me.

He told me about the dreams he had and what GOD had been showing him.

I thought things were alright.

I was making strides in my career, I hadn’t asked my parents for money lol, things didn’t seem wrong necessarily but things didn’t seem “right” either.

I thought if things were just “okay”, that’s where GOD would have wanted me to be in life but at that moment.

I broke down to my father for some reason. His concern for me bothered me.

It brought me to a point of contention with myself.

Have I been hiding from the truth from myself?

The truth within myself and the Truth that makes up GOD’s plan for all of our lives.

That was a pivotal moment.

You can live your entire life knowing your full potential but you can’t begin to even tap into it without GOD.

That’s why even the most successful people turn back to prayer and GOD because they realized they haven’t reached their full potential

Me and Dad have been praying everyday at 8 am.

We started a life of #prayerfirst.

At first, the goal was to get just one breakthrough but then something amazing happened.

My dreams and wildest imagination started becoming true.

First, I made a decision to live a cleaner life (removing myself from messy ties, eating much healthier, and meditating whenever I feel stressed).

Next, GOD gave me access to an unlimited creative superpower so I could process a large amount of information faster and gave me the ability to do anything.

{For example, I picked up coding and coded my first web service in 4 weeks}

Now, GOD is making my wildest dreams come true without any money, effort, or additional working time. It’s like blessings are just falling in my lap now.

Timothy J Robertson is the creator of STATUS International, an artificial intelligent Creative Concierge platform, to automate hiring and managing the world’s best artists. Timothy has been on a mission to integrate machine learning technology into the creative process to offer artists short term projects and clients' creative control over the vision. Take a Test Drive at -- or -- you can get in contact at


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