Living a Life of Status: The Top 3 Assumed Killers of Creative Ideas

Have you ever had an idea that you knew would impact your environment and the world?

That would break down barriers and blow people’s minds?

Then why haven’t you acted on that idea?

Why haven’t you brought your ideas to life?

Often times people are so fearful to bring their ideas to life because of assumptions they make about what it takes to manifest those ideas

This article is here to debunk those assumptions and free you of a parasite called fear that is hindering you from unleashing your creative greatness.

The first and most cliched fear is the lack of money.

People refuse to bring their ideas to life because they fear that they don’t have enough money.

How many times have we heard this one?

There are countless ideas that turned out to be life-changing such as Apple and Mailchimp

They started with little to no money and they made it

So will you

You can acquire the funds yourself as well

There are so many resources out there and information is at your fingertips.

Use the internet to your advantage, do some extensive research and you will find that there are many options that you can utilize

Service requires no money, just time, learn hard skills.

There are many highly demanded hard skills that you can learn

Copywriting, analytics, data mining, data presentation, search engine optimization, and content management systems are among many other skills that you can learn and eventually turn into a stream of income

Venture out in these areas, learn something new

You just might come across something that will aid you in creating or launching your idea.

The next thing that terrifies people more than Nightmare on Elm Street is their lack of knowledge

Yes, I said it, your lack of knowledge.

Your assumption that you do not have the knowledge to culminate an idea into reality.

You are smarter than you think, you just need to have a little faith.

Expand your thinking by continually educating yourself

Read articles, watch youtube videos, use search engines, there is a plethora of information out there

Waiting on you to discover it

Experiments will lead you to learn the most valuable lessons necessary for success.

Create a hypothesis and test it

Test through simulation

Get answers to your questions from experts

Read and research possible outcomes.

The next fear people have is they aren’t well connected

Don’t worry, no one was born with connections, it takes time and effort to build strong connections.

It does not have to be a tedious process

The first thing you should do is to utilize the tools available

Linkedin is a great way to connect with people

Do your research

Connect with persons that are relevant to your ideas

Schedule meetings with your new connections

You never know who you may meet

You can also try to find older mentors, an older mentor will instantly expand your network

Older mentors have unused resources and a developed network that they have already used but not exhausted.

They are usually looking for a protege to carry the torch and will also make their network available for use

It would save you years worth of mistake because they would have already gone through some experiences

They would be able to direct you along your path

The final thing that may be killing your creative dreams is you.

Yourself and your lack of faith.

Remove the doubt and fear and believe in yourself and your idea.

Don’t hold back.

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