Living a Life of Status: The Ultimate Human Power Doesn’t Lie Within Your Thoughts, It’s Your Action

Here it is! The answer to some of the greatest questions of disparity, unhappiness, and legacy.

The ultimate power we grasp as humans is the power of Creation.

When you create something that everybody likes it puts you on top of the world!

That feeling of being on cloud 9 is easily the best, cleanest, and safest drug in the world. I feel like I am one with the Creator.

I realized that I was designed to create too late. I had been trying to consume everything for 10 years straight and realized how disgusting I felt.

I drowned in debt, broken items I never fixed, friends stealing from me, and lost the respect of my mentors I abandoned.

It wasn’t the things themselves that changed it was my idea of what they would bring to my life.

I thought it would be a steady stream of joy.

I thought it would become powerful like all the other guys that we looked up to on Instagram.

I had all the material things I hoped for but I didn’t have the great feeling about any of it.

Then something hit me about the rich class of people that were humbled.

I studied their insights to find how they could be young millionaires and be so humble.

It wasn’t until I saw that Bill Gates was still a nerd. He loved the idea of creating, not consuming.

He didn’t become rich to buy cars, it happened because he exchanged his hard work and creations to the world for money.

Creationism is the root of all fruit.

If you want fruit in your life, go create something.

Keep it simple.

Timothy J Robertson is the creator of STATUS International, an artificial intelligent Creative Concierge platform, to automate hiring and managing the world’s best artists. Timothy has been on a mission to integrate machine learning technology into the creative process to offer artists short term projects and clients' creative control over the vision. Take a Test Drive at — or — you can get in contact at


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