Living a Life of Status: The Ultimate Human Power Doesn’t Lie Within Your Thoughts, It’s Your Action

To all of my brothers and sisters, do not let your dreams get away from you so easily.

Hold on to your dreams as tight as you held your own mother at first sight.

Your dream should be more important to you than any physical matter.

Your dream is a test of your faith, it is your hope, it is your passion, it is your future. If you let that get away from you, you have already died spiritually.

The perils of life can overwhelm you like a tsunami that sweeps anything in its path.

The waves are large, unforeseen, and destructive, but if you are crazy and willing enough to go out in the middle of ocean and ride those waves you’ll see the end of the storm before those who wait.

Following that dream is like confronting the storm head-on. You never know what will happen next but you just know that your dream is the midst of the storm.

They can wipe you out if you let it, but there is hope if you follow your purpose and your destiny.

You will find that you can begin to ride those waves as if it were a surfboard.

After a while, nothing can get to your spirit as easily if you were following your dreams in your destiny.

Your, hope, your face, your livelihood becomes Eternal and everlasting, it becomes more Vivid the closer you get to it.

Find the light in the Darkness and do not succumb to the Dark Knight.

Hope for the future is better than doubt from the past.

We live in a negative world where 80% of our thoughts are negative. Out of hundreds of thousands of thoughts that we have on a daily basis, imagine most being negative.

I am here to tell you that you can make it and you will, so long as you stick to the plan, and reroute when there seems to be a problem.No one should ever have a bad day.

You may have that moment in your life you may find problems you may not be able to pay your bills.

You may not be able to get your kids what they want.

You may not be able to afford a new outfit, but hold fast and study to your dream.

What's present now will not be present later, so long as you stick to that plan and you grow on a daily basis the world becomes yours to conquer becomes contagious with that law of attraction works on your behalf.

Timothy J Robertson is the creator of STATUS International, an artificial intelligent Creative Concierge platform, to automate hiring and managing the world’s best artists. Timothy has been on a mission to integrate machine learning technology into the creative process to offer artists short term projects and clients' creative control over the vision. Take a Test Drive at -- or -- you can get in contact at


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