Rebrand a Movie Media Project for Hollywood Executives and Investors

Client: Mavericks

Category: Creative Direction, Web Design

Platforms: Photoshop,Wix, Figma

Results: Consulted with celebrity actress, Michael Michele, to rebrand docuseries for press and publicists, Hollywood media executives

Timeframe: 14 days

Project Components

Media Website

We designed a branded media experience for the critically acclaimed docuseries, Mavericks, produced by celebrity and actress Michael Michele and Writer, Chris Jenkins. The web experience consisted of Trailer, Past Episodes, About the Filmmakers, About the Series pages.

Press/Media Kit Design

We designed a branded media/press kit inspired by aviation. We designed backgrounds and small graphic elements to signify prestige and sophistication that would speak to Hollywood publicists, press releases, and media outlets including national film award series.

Expedited Service

The initial design was designed in fourteen days due to the speed of the press. We started with an approved wireframe and style-guide, then deployed the design blocks to Wix.

Branded Web Experience Design

The web experience consisted of a Trailer page featuring a Picture-in-Picture video frame with an image slider background that changes with the video and moves with the video background transitions. We also included a Past Episodes Video Channel directly on the site that works as a house for content.


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