UX Design for an Enterprise focused eCommerce Brand

Client: Buoyant Partners, IVY Planning Group, MicroTriggers

Category: UX Design, Creative Consulting

Platforms: Wix, Figma, Envato

Results: Consulted with CEO and COO, Increased sales revenue by 1.5 multiple, Created an online engaged audience

Timeframe: 30 days

Project Components

Entreprise Website

We designed an enterprise-grade, eCommerce website for a very large corporate diversity firm that sells a proprietary branded product, MicroTriggers. MicroTriggers website was designed to educate and sell interested firms.

Interactive Lead Generation

The landing page features an interactive quiz and lead generation that tests user’s knowledge and requires their contact information input to receive their result and a unique offer.

Branded Product Mockups

The client had product designs from previous years and did not want to redesign each product for MircroTriggers, so we designed a product mockup using Adobe Photoshop and using previous designs overlaid on modern, photorealistic product mockups.

Brand Consulting

Consulted with CEO and COO to plan and connect main brand to satellite brands and install unique design using photo filters, color gradients, product categories, product mockups, etc.


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