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You will be the star of any event when you show your futuristic contactless STATUS Black Card a character like James Bond and Iron Man wished they had. 


Straight from a sci-fi movie, your business contact card is now digital. 


Our exclusive NFC technology activates your Digital Contact Center which stores your personal information in any prospects' phone, quicker than it takes to open the wallet to retrieve your traditional card. 


We will securely host your contact information on our beautifully made, About Me page that will be activated upon touching your Black card against any compatible device. 


This will leave your prospects in awe and have ayone asking where you received this piece pf personal branding technolgy from. 




Tap to:

Digital Contact Card
Text Message

Loads Automatically
When tapped content will load and display automatically.

  • Size: 3.50 x 2.00 inches, or CR80.
  • 1200dpi press quality
  • 20pt coated cardstock
  • NFC Compatibility: Requires an Android phone, or iPhone 7 (and above) using an NFC app

Tracking & Analytics
Track your campaigns. Know how many people, when, and how they engage with your NFC marketing pieces.




STATUS NFC Contactless Black Business Card