Timothy Robertson

Timothy Robertson
Timothy Robertson

Timothy Robertson is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of STATUS Branding, a strategic brand development and innovations firm based in New York. Timothy founded STATUS Branding in 2018 to be more than a design agency, but an integrated strategic partner that works alongside clients in fast-paced, adaptive environments to ensure their long-term market success.

Timothy advises dozens of brands ranging from Fortune 500 companies to niche startups across the world on brand strategy, product development, and experimental digital content that generate millions of impressions and views per year.

Timothy is a bonafide artist and adventurer having traveled the world to curate an elite global creative team spanning the Americas to London to various African countries to Singapore. Having teams across the world means Timothy is always on the road, connecting with reputable creatives, discovering innovative solutions, and pitching campaign ideas to clients. His inquisitive, quick learning nature makes him the perfect consultant to the decision-makers whose job it is to make high-stakes decisions with the highest degree of accuracy.

Since the inception of STATUS in 2018, Timothy has reimagined how brands build a reputable brand with his highly anticipated, trademarked brand strategy and innovation methodology, STATUS Branding Framework. This was developed alongside other practitioners and communicators for executive-level decision-makers and founders to properly evolve brands and drive long-term organic growth through brand attraction, loyalty, and affinity. The framework strategy model has been used to build new products for corporations and guide executives on proper priorities and goal setting.

When Timothy is not in the office, He spends his downtime studying art and wine and finding new restaurants in New York City. To connect with Timothy, you can reach him at statusbranding.com or via email at Tim@statusbranding.com

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